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Didn't Frances edit the Jonas Brothers cover for Rolling Stone mag? I think I remember seeing her tweet about it & how much she hated it. So yeah she's a pro at Photoshop.

I don’t know

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Although it was inappropriate of Frances to call nirvana fans peasants, I sort of understand why she said it. I mean, a rabid 'nirvana' fan broke into her house, so she probably labels all nirvana fans as these creepy,obsessive freaks that'll break into her house. But I'm not a freak! (By the way, I love your blog and you seem so sweet)

I don’t think that this “incident” has something to do with the crazy guy who broke into her house. Thank you so much!!!

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Do you know Frances? How did you get her Fb?

dear,it’s written on my FAQ. I found by searching a lot

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courtney always states in her interviews how much frances cares about her privacy but at the same time frances carefully creates and curates an online persona that's obviously there so that she gets positive responses to the whole image she's creating. sometimes i feel like she's probably quite a recluse because she might be legit scared of nirvana fans (which, in my opinion is kind of reasonable) so i sometimes kinda feel bad for her? did some of this make sense in any way? i'm really tired :|

After that freak who broke into her house,I would be as much as she must be afraid of the nirvana fans! It does makes sense to me,alot by the way

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Hey guys

There is an update on that article that was rude about Frances that says: 

"We have been a band for three years. The name was Gateway Drugs was conceived in August 2011. GATE·WAY- something that serves as an entrance or a means of access. DRUGS – substances that have a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. It’s not just a band name to us, it’s the epitome of the world we want to create musically.

The title of the song we just released is a satire (the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, in the context of contemporary and topical issues). It was originally written (with the same title) over two months ago. The lyrics take an empathetic viewpoint for victims of the media’s sick fascination with death, and exploitation of them. We used Frances as the archetype. Coincidently we heard rumors from various friends about our band name being stolen by a “certain someone,” who was fully aware of us and our name, when we met him a year ago … Then after reading the Courtney Love Quietus interview where Courtney claimed that “certain someone” has a new band called Gateway Drugs, http://thequietus.com/articles/15019-courtney-love-hole-interview

It only confirmed our suspicions … The song took on a new life and meaning.

The song is a double entendre, it has two meanings. The first of which we explained, and the second, protecting our name, artistically not maliciously. Any negativity in or surrounding the song was directed towards a “certain someone” … It was never our intention to hurt Frances. We were focusing on societies gross pop culture obsessions, and complete lack of human empathy. More importantly voicing the disgust with fighting for our name with someone who was intentionally trying to steal it, and stands for everything WE DON’T.

Everything we have and do, we earn ourselves. We believe in authenticity, integrity, and our stand against pirating the underground.

There is a growing hope for local bands with labels such as Burger Records, Lollipop Records, Buddyhead Records, Mexican Summer, Manimal Vinyl, Captured Tracks etc., who are giving artists a chance who otherwise wouldn’t have one, due to the dying and harsh reality of the music industry. It’s an exciting time for music. A scene emerging from something authentic, from people who are authentic. Going and seeing shows is inspiring again.

The truth is, different strokes for different folks, some people are going to love to hate, and some people hate to love. That’s alright with us, all we want to do is express ourselves, and make people feel something … Peace in the Middle East, Love G.D.”

Just thought I’d share with you all because some people have been sending hate or are confused by the meaning of the article as much as the meaning of the song. Now we can understand,move on and enjoy the songs that are pretty cool!


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hey i was reading you blog and i run into an ask , talking about that Frances lives off kurt's money , ok she does and isaiah too , but Frances is intelligent and she wouldn't have been in streets asking for food as well as isaiah

That’s what I thought too!

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Hey, I'm really into your blog! You said in your about that you like Frances because of her personality. Considering her recent attitudes, have your views changed? Or do you still like her personality?

Her recent attitudes made me question if I really wanted to keep the blog and all but we are all humans and make mistakes but as much as I think this way,my views has changed and now I see her with different eyes. Thanks for reading the about!!

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Do you believe in equality? (I'm a big believer)

I believe 100% in equality!!!

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Hey, I love your blog!

Thank you sweetheart!!

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Thank you for the motivation and for caring! I won't do anything crazy. You are very sweet! xx

Thank you for not doing anything crazy ahaha. No problem doll,I thank you!

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