in one of the photos which was submited to you (Frances with black hair saying '' Frances at the the of 16'' or something like that) she wasn't 16 , she was 15 , it's really tough to imagine bc she didn't look a 15 girl

Oh thanks for the info!

hi i submitted the pics of Frances and Isaiah, its papz pics from aug 22nd lax glad you like them, can't see frances but we know she hates papz ox

Thanks! She really hate them haha

Is isaiahs ex a lesbian?

She is not relevant to the blog =)

one of my fave fbc pics with her leg over the other.

I love this pic as well! Thanks.

frances aged 16


more airport pics

Thanks for the submit!!

wearing her dad’s jacket


Thanks for the submit.

here is a photo of frances smoking. think she started at 14 / 15yrs?

Thanks! Yeah she probably started around this age!