Du sprichst Deutsch?

Sehr wenig. Ich lerne. Ich bin ein Anfänger. Sie wissen nicht, die genauen Regeln und wo die Worte zu fassen, aber ich versuche haha

To the person who say something about an acidental Facebook post.

I’d love to see that post. More than 2 years that I check Frances’s blogs and I haven’t seen or heard anyone talk about it. I’d love to finally get into this matter. =)

do you have twitter?

I do. I only post in Portuguese (sometimes in English or German). As I’m getting this ask a lot, my Twitter is @vifsferreira.

Whats that for a dog?

What’s what for a dog? The picture? Is Frances’s dog, Wolverine.

Do you really think frances wants people to know she has lip fillers? Of course she doesn't. I know your only 16 but come on stop being so naive. Wake up. If you still don't see that her lips are drastically bigger in this picture then you really are deluded. Your a Frances fan page and you have a responsibility to spread the correct information not fabricated cover ups just because the person in question wants everyone to believe they are naturally beautiful.

Exactly. Everytime I give an info 5.000 people just simply throws rocks on me until that info is proved. Which most of the times happens. Yeah I’m only 16. Why am I spending time in here? Seriously, belive whatever the fuck you guys want. I’m freaking over. Not responding to any other question.

You really aren't fooling anyone by constantly trying to convince ppl frances hasn't had any surgery. She gets lip injections she has admitted it on an accidental public facebook post. I'm sorry but whoever your getting your "reliable source" info is not reliable at all and this becky person isn't even a friend of frances. Look on frances FB friends list and see for your self. Just another crazy fan delusionaly making you think she has connections when she doesn't.

1. Rebecca PROVED to me. I have no doubts.
2. I am fucking over this matter.
3. Belive what you want.


Arte de Frances Bean de su expo titulada “Scumfuck”, feliz cumpleaños Frances!

En breve mas NIRVANAenvivo por Edu Araujo

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